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Happy Birthday St. M

Hope you are having a great day and this is the beginning of a wonderful year!

Happy Birthday CWarbeck!

Happy birthday cwarbeck Hope RL and Max are treating you well. In honor of your birthday, I will read one of your fics today. Check in sometime and let us know how you are doing.

This Made Me Laugh

This was on my Twitter feed today and made me laugh:

@ExtraGrumpyCat: Dear people who question why girls go to the bathroom together, Hermione went alone and got attacked by a troll.”


Happy Birthday Cwarbeck!

Happy Birthday to cwarbeck. Hope life is treating you well. Drop in sometime with a Max update. I'm sure you have stories to tell!

Calling All Harry/Ginny Fans

I am finishing up another month of reccing Harry/Ginny at the crack_broom. I filled in at the last minute because the queue was empty. I just looked and seems it still is. We definitely need some fresh blood and it is a lot of fun. You get to share your favorite fics and help other fans find hidden treasures. If you are interested, sign up here. I hope there are still some of you out there. It seems as if many old timers have moved on as of late.

Burning Question

Does anyone else ever read a particularly angsty fic backwards, or is it just me?


The Duplicitous Nature of Chest Monsters

Title: The Duplicitous Nature of Chest Monsters
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,500
Summary: Harry seeks counsel after his chest monster rears its ugly head during an outing with Ginny.

Author's Notes: I enjoyed writing this for aperfectsong forhg_seasonsfest. Also, blurtish is borrowed with permission from cwarbeck

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DH2 - Deleted Scenes

I'm just watching the deleted scenes on my shiny new DH2 DVD. There are a couple of gems. I wish they would have left in the Remus and Tonks bit. The Ron and Hermione scene is quite funny. Perhaps it was too light for that part of the film, but it would have gotten a great laugh. And, I would have been delighted for even a second more of Harry/Ginny.

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The Care and Handling of Harry's Pants

Title: The Care and Handling of Harry’s Pants
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: In which Harry eavesdrops and Ginny advises Hermione just exactly who will be responsible for the care and handling of Harry’s pants from here on out.

A/N: Thanks to Lyras for stepping in and whipping this into shape.

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